Tea Guardian Fine Tea Commentaries and Reference Guide

A Classic Teapot

Teaware: The Teapot

Although the teapot may be the most popularly used piece of teaware in this world, good and functional designs are not easily available, regardless of price and brands. In this...

Emptied tasters' mugs during a tasting session

Teaware: The Taster’s Mug

Referred to also as the Taster’s Brewing Mug, this is one of my favourite piece of tea ware. Not that it is a professional tool, but because it helps to...

Glass Chahai with recepticle opening for resting teapot

Teaware: The Incredible Chahai

When Lu Yu wrote the Tea Classic (Chajing) a millennium ago, he probably would not have imagined how the tea preparation centre piece, the tea bowl, has dramatically become a...