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Tea Polyphenols Special Feature

Tea is a gentle yet potent health potion incarnated as a fine tasting, unassuming daily drink. Scientists concluded that 37% of the daily flavonoids need in the European diet is supplied by dairy products, onions, fruits and wines, while the remaining 63% is taken care of by tea. It would be difficult for a layman to comprehend the importance of that occasional cup of oolong, jasmine or Darjeeling could be so important to his health.
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<Link: Tea Polyphenols: Are You Getting Enough?>


Flavonoids are health contributing biochemicals found mostly in plants. They are the majority group of polyphenols found naturally in the growing tea leaves. The most known ones are tea catechins such as EGCG.
<Link: Tea Polyphenols in Green and Black Teas>

However, not all teas are created equal. Not all flavonoids are the same. This special Tea Guardian feature on tea polyphenols presents an all round introduction for the reader to make better judgement next time he shops for grocers. And for those who don't normally drink tea to think twice the next time they need a drink.
<Link: Tea Polyphenols: Tastes and Tea Choices>

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The health effect of tea polyphenols is a large subject which the science community is continually studying. We do not attempt to cover all of its aspect in one go. As with various other topics in this site, it is also added on from time to time; please register for our monthly updates if you are interested.

green tea: Mengding Ganlu white tea: Bai Mudan oolong: Phoenix Bouquet Style
black tea: Jiuqu Hongmei Pu'er: Imperial 1997 Scented tea: Jasmine Pearls
Tired of the old teabag? Maybe it is time for a real change, now that you'll know something most tea merchants won't disclose. Tea Guardian founder Leo Kwan recommends two of his favourites — the green tea Mengding Ganlu and the oolong bouquet style Phoenix (Fenghuang Dancong). Tea Guardian is not a commercial site, so we dare to tell you what we really think about a variety of tea.

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wok roasted green tea: Mengding Ganlu
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