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“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tea*

* but were afraid to ask…”

Frequently asked questions, meaning of tea terms etc…

Some of the questions readers sent to us reminded us that perhaps a few lines of answer could clarify things for not only those who asked. So we set up this section. We have not given it much structure yet but think that this is a much needed piece of the site, not only for novice tea drinkers, but also for the trade and connoisseurs who may like to share a few doubts on things.

We don't pretend that we could answer all questions; we'd just like to share what we understand. Perhaps some of our answers may lead to more questions. However, maybe this is a great way to develop a better understanding of tea for everyone.

Click the follwoing jump menu for answers. Come back frequently to check for new questions. Or post yours* by clicking <here>. For the time being, these questions are in random, perhaps we would give them some order later on:

everything you always wanted to know about tea but afraid to ask

Do you have one question or two? Would you like to post it in our Facebook page*, or send it to us through our forum*» Tea Guardian: "Dialogues": Post Us a Question

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