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Special Features

Tea Categories: the nature of tea

Catagorization of teas

Green teas

Lightly oxidized teas


Black teas (Red teas)

Post-fermented teas (Dark teas)

Modified teas

Tea Selection guide

Quality Matters

Tea List Directory: Green Teas

  • Anji Baicha, flat
  • Anji Baicha, orchid
  • Biluo’chun
  • Ding’gu Dafang
  • Emei Maofeng, steamed
  • Green Peony
  • Gunpowder, grade 1
  • Gunpowder, special
  • Huangshan Maofeng
  • Jasmine Chun Hao, special

Tea List Directory: Lightly Oxidized Teas


Tea List Directory: Oolongs

Tea List Directory: Black Teas (aka Red Teas)


Tea List Directory: Post-fermented Teas (aka Dark teas)

  • Xiaguan Toucha, special
  • Xiaguan Xiao Toucha
  • Yiwu Daye, 1997
  • Yiwu, blended

Tea List Directory: Modified Teas

  • Tuocha, Golden Tip Puer
  • Tuocha, Xiaguan premium
  • Visual effect tea, Fujian Bijoux
  • White Peony, discus
  • Wuyi Shuixian, bar
  • Zhangcha, brick
  • Zhangcha, tablet

Tea Preparation


Tea Serving

Tea Ware and accessories

Tea Storage

Tea & Your Health

Tea Health

Tea Usage

Substance in Tea

About TCM

All About...

About this Site

Our Mission

"Everything you always wanted to now about tea but were afraid to ask..."

Photo Standards & Viewing Requirements

On Names

Romanization of Names

Leo Kwan: My Tea Story

Going too far, too fast


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